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Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Up to 232
Up to152
Up to 152
 Up  to 230
Up to 176
Up to 200
Up to 200
Up to 200
Up to 152
64  Up to 104
84 to 122

Lower level

Up to 104
Up to 139
Up to 104

The floor plans presented give you a rough idea. You can help create a floor plan.

  • Rectangular tables can be pushed to together to make long aisles.

  • You can add chairs to the ends of the table.

  • We have 4’ round tables for cake, beverages, gift giving

  • We also have available 6’ rectangular tables

  • Banquet round tables are 5’ across, 29.25” height.

  • Banquet rectangular tables are 8’ long, 28” wide, 29.25” height.

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Plan E

Plan G

Plan I

Plan B

Plan D

Plan F

Plan H

Plan J

Plan K


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Wow, HUGE thank you for being the most kind, and understanding people to help me with my wedding. I am huge on cleanliness and everything was 100% up to par with my expectations. The barn was gorgeous, and the property was perfect for all my fairy tale photos I had in mind for my special day. The bed and Breakfast was perfect for accommodating all my family and friends for the night before my special day.. words can not express how smooth everything went, and how happy they were to work with every one of my demands. I HIGHLY recommend to all people who think about having their wedding here. Thank you again!!

- Miranda Rose Tesch -

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