Bar Service

Bar Service

General Information

  • There are no Bar Minimums.  Bar Services are required for all Wedding Packages.

  •  Lake Elsie Wedding Barn is licensed for Beer, Wine and Spirits.

  •  If your party has a favorite alcohol, please check with us ahead of time so we can have it


  •  For guests who do not imbibe, free fountain soda and free fountain water.

  •  Last Call is 11:45 p.m.

  •  Bar service ends at midnight.

  •  Safe Ride Bus is available for an extra charge; complimentary for those who choose the

          Rhodium [all-inclusive] Wedding Package.

  • We employ only certified bartenders.

  •  Legal drinking age in North Dakota is 21. Bartenders reserve the right to refuse service

          to anyone who cannot verify age with a government-issued ID.

  •  Bartenders cost an  additional fee; except those that choose the Rhodium (all inclusive) package.

Payment Options

  •  Bar Tabs: Start [and reconcile total bill] with a debit or credit card left on file.

  •  Cash Bar:  Guests pay for individual drinks. Please note: No ATM on property.

  •  Hosted Bar:  Bartenders keep track of drinks served for a preallotted duration of time;

          then they bill the total cost to the prearranged master account.

  •  Ticket Bar:  Determine how many drink tickets for each guest. [We provide tickets, but

          you must distribute drink tickets.] Bartenders keep track of tickets collected and charge

          your master account for those drink costs.


  •  You can preorder keg beer from us – maximum one(1) 16 gallon keg.

  •  You can preorder wine or champagne from us—maximum 1 case.

  •  To protect both you and I from added liability, this preordered alcohol is allowed ONLY

          UNTIL the start of the dance. NO exceptions! No refunds or returns on excess. As a
          concession, unconsumed preordered alcohol will be stored and turned over to you at
          checkout the following morning.

  •  In the Rhodium [all-inclusive] Package, you receive a complimentary 16-gallon keg and

          a complimentary case of wine or champagne.


  •  Alcohol cannot be provided or served to minors anywhere on the property.

  •  Guests who consume alcoholic beverages must have legal identification. Bartenders

          reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not meet this requirement.

  • However, fountain soda and fountain water are free.

  • Bottled water and canned sodas are not allowed on the property but are available for purchase at the bar.

  •  Alcohol consumed in parking areas or in parked cars is unlawful.

  •  Security Personnel must be onsite during the entire dance. We handle this service. As

          of 2020, a security officer cost $30.00 per hour,  Prices are subject to change. This is an additional fee unless you opt for the Rhodium [all-inclusive] Package.

  •  Last Call is 11:45 p.m. Bar service ends at midnight.

  • Barn venue closes at 1 a.m. for all wedding packages.

Please note: Lake Elsie Wedding Barn is available for weddings May 1 – October 31.

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